Telematic Nursing Mattress

Currently there is a big shortage of trained nursing staff needed to look after the growing population of patients that require constant healthcare support and attention and this shortage is getting bigger by the day. Furthermore, the tasks required to be performed by nursing staff are becoming more complex and intense. As a result, the time available to reflect upon the individual patient therapy and to make appropriate adjustments that could significantly improve the individual care is simply not available. The backbone of our WiseMat project is to develop a smart combination, consisting of a mattress having integrated sensors to acquire specific parameters and a software solution, to provide both real-time vital information and actions plans to aid the nursing staff in their daily routine and therefore improve patient outcomes.

In order to realize this concept, which was developed as part of the State of Brandenburg´s competition "digital health for a better life", GETEMED is cooperating with SOFTLINE-Schaum GmbH & Co. KG to develop the technical infrastructure needed to acquire and analyse the data from the sensors integrated into the intelligent mattress.



SOFTLINE-Schaum GmbH & Co. KG


For the implementation of this project, GETEMED is being funded by the Ministry for Economic and European affairs of the State of Brandenburg under its program for the promotion of research, innovation and technologies (ProFIT Brandenburg).