Our cardiac products
GETEMED is the original manufacturer of the CardioDay® Holter ECG analysis software and the CardioMem® Holter ECG recorders exclusively sold by GE Healthcare. Other recorders manufactured by GETEMED include the SEERTM 1000 and the SEERTM 12.



CardioMem® CM 4000

Premium Holter-ECG-Recorder

Simple, fast, and reliable - that's what our customers look for when it comes to recording and analyzing Holter ECGs. The lightweight, easy to use, CardioMem® CM 4000 supports the user in all steps of daily work - from creating electrodes to entering patient data and checking the ECG signal.


  • small, lightweight and easy to handle
  • easy, user-friendly and intuitive use
  • brilliant color display and touch screen
  • application of the electrodes corresponds to automatic cable type recognotion
  • lead-off detection
  • 2 or 3 independent ECG leads
  • recording duration up to 5 days with only one battery
  • pacemaker detection
  • recording of the thorax impedance for evaluation of respiratory activity
  • protected against dust & splashed water
  • Bluetooth® interface for online ECG and data exchange
  • Hi-Speed USB interface 

SEER 1000

The compact Holter-ECG-Recorder

This recorder offers a dedicated application that is compatible with today's advanced wireless technologies, including iPads, iPhones and Bluetooth®-enabled PCs. A continuous 2/3 channel ECG can be recorded up to 7 days. The analysis can be performed with the according analysis software CardioDay®.®-enabled PCs. A continuous 2/3 channel ECG can be recorded up to 7 days. The analysis can be performed with the according analysis software CardioDay®.


  • small, lightweight and modern
  • three models available: 24 h, 48 h and 7 d
  • 1-button technology for easy operation
  • wireless application control with the help of apps (Apple and Windows)
  • LED indicators for all functions
  • 2 or 3 independent ECG leads
  • only one AAA battery required
  • pacemaker detection
  • Hi-Speed USB interface

For more information please visit the GE website.
SEERTM is a trademark of General Electric Company. SEERTM 1000 are manufactured by GETEMED Medizin- und Informationstechnik AG for exclusive distribution by GE Healthcare.



The analysis software 

The Holter analysis software CardioDay® was designed in close cooperation with users from all areas – from routine daily users to scientific researchers – and has stood the test of time by thousands of customers over many years. Both the starter version and the standard version can be upgraded with various analysis tools to provide a customized solution that can be easily adapted to new or changing requirements.


  • easy and fast report
  • integrated user workflow guide
  • proven analyses
  • analysis of 7-day ECG recordings
  • automatic event detection, sorted according to severity
  • advanced tools including heart rate variability statistics, atrial fibrillation analysis, Heart Rate Turbulence (HRT), Deceleration Capacity, T-Wave Alternance, and pacemaker analysis
  • pre-screening for sleep related disorders
  • beat-to-beat QT measurement
  • 12-lead module
  • communication interfaces (e.g. HL7, BDT/GDT)
  • comprehensive report and export functions
  • Windows-Software