About Us

Our Vision

With experience, passion, and creativity, we design modern medical devices for a healthcare sector geared to improve the quality of life and save lives every day.

Solutions for Modern Health Care

GETEMED Medizin- und Informationstechnik AG, with currently 70 employees, has been developing, manufacturing and selling medical devices in three main categories for over 35 years: cardiac function diagnostics, ambulatory patient monitoring and telemonitoring. Initially, the main focus was on home monitoring of newborns; today GETEMED is a recognized specialist in ambulatory monitoring of risk patients from all age groups. Located in Teltow, just south of Berlin, GETEMED has successfully expanded its presence in international markets with its three product categories through a network of distribution partners.

A strategic goal has always been the creation of innovative solutions tailored to suit the healthcare market needs through synergy of the competencies from all three product categories. Excellent relationships to leading medical centers and universities has been one cornerstone of this strategy. GETEMED has taken an active role in many research studies over the years, one example being the technical leader in the “FONTANE - Health regions of the future” study undertaken by the Charité university hospital, the results of which were published in The Lancet under the title “Efficacy of telemedical interventional management in patients with heart failure (TIM-HF2)”.

A further cornerstone of our innovation strategy lies in patenting know-how created within the company, including two German patents DE 10 2013 209 593 B4 and DE 10 2014 222 220 B4 as well as the US patent US 9,774,589 B2 for a „Management Method and Arrangement for Outpatient Electrocardiography on a Patient“.

Over the years, GETEMED has received numerous numerous awards for its products and achievements, including the European RegioStars Award, the German Innovation Prize in the SME category and the “Zukunftspreis

Telemonitoring: Improved Quality of Life, Best Support

It is GETEMED's strategic goal to develop customised solutions and innovative treatments for telemedical applications by merging the core expertise from the two fields of cardiological diagnostics and vital signs monitoring. Although GETEMED’s initial focus was on ambulatory monitoring of newborns, the company has progressed to become a specialist in telemonitoring applications for high-risk patients from all age groups. GETEMED has participated in renowned telemedical study and research projects since 2003. Currently the company belongs to the FONTANE project consortium, which won the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) competition "Health Regions of the Future" in May 2009 with its project for the North Brandenburg health region. Within this context, a new support model for treating patients suffering from heart related illnesses is currently being put into place for this rural, underdeveloped area. 

Improved Safety for High-Risk Patients: Monitoring Systems

GETEMED’s VitaGuard monitors are small, lightweight, portable devices designed to monitor physiological parameters such as heart rate, respiration and oxygen saturation. The devices are mainly used in outpatient services but can just as well be used for monitoring vital signs in clinical environments. Each of the three VitaGuard models is highly complex and yet easy to use, not only for trained clinical personnel but also for caregivers without previous medical or technical training. They trigger an acoustic and visual alarm if the patient’s vital signs exceed or fall below set limits. All data and waveforms are recorded before, during and after an event and can be viewed on the VitaGuard display directly or on a PC using the VitaWin evaluation software. 

Efficient Diagnostics: CardioDay Holter ECG System

GETEMED offers the CardioDay® Holter ECG analysis software together with the CardioMem® series of recorders for acquiring, detecting and analysing cardiac arrhythmia. When developing new products, GETEMED always focuses on the needs of the potential users. The newly developed CardioMem CM 4000 recorder underlines this philosophy by providing a high resolution colour display with touch screen functionality for the user interface, thereby making it extremely easy to use. As a result, measurement and other device parameters can be changed intuitively.

Pooled Expertise

The company works together with experts from different scientific disciplines so that medical needs can be better understood when developing new products. The Berlin-Brandenburg region offers good conditions and an ideal infrastructure for close collaboration with clinics, universities and other scientific institutions.