HeartX Holter

Long-term ECG analysis as service for your precise
diagnoses - fast, reliable, uncomplicated!

Innovation and reliability through partnership
GETEMED and GE HealthCare have had a successful partnership for over 20 years and have built a worldwide reputation in long-term ECG analysis.

A new era in long-term ECG data analysis is emerging with HeartX Holter, the fast and reliable analysis service for your long-term ECG recordings. With our automated analysis, you get high-quality analysis in the shortest possible time - without having to allocate your own resources.

Start using HeartX Holter today to save valuable time and resources. Benefit from our expertise!

How do you profit from HeartX Holter?

You will receive a pre-analyzed standard long-term ECG evaluation within the shortest possible time.

They use our summary and a full write-up to support a quick and confident diagnosis.

Through a simple data transfer using "HeartX Lift", we seamlessly integrate the analysis results into your practice management system.

ECG report

  • overview
  • hourly summary
  • HR chart min/max
  • AFib statistics
  • 1 min + 25 mm/s rhythm strip
  • detailed ECG report 
  • highest standards by using the worldwide established long-term analysis software CardioDay
  • more than 30 years of experience in clinically proven and validated algorithms according to IEC 60601-2-47
  • monthly fee per ECG recorder
  • pay-per-use model
  • data processing according to EU directives
  • state-of-the-art security mechanisms to protect your data