Telemonitoring: The "Bundesverband Niedergelassener Kardiologen e.V." starts cooperation with BIOTRONIK and GETEMED for interconnected care management of heart failure

3 August 2022

Heart failure patients often have multiple diagnoses and symptoms, making it challenging to keep track of several aspects at the same time. Close-knit telemonitoring therefore offers physicians an excellent tool for responding to changes in health at an early stage and averting inpatient stays.1, 2 As of this year, telemonitoring of patients with heart muscle weakness (heart failure) is part of standard care provided by statutory health insurance. Because of this, patients with advanced cardiac insufficiency have a legal right to continuous telemedical care.

Cardiological practices play a key role in establishing and expanding the new telemonitoring infrastructure. "The more practices that establish telemonitoring centers (TMZs) across Germany, the more effectively we can achieve the goal of close-knit care for heart failure patients nationwide," Dr. Ralph Bosch adds. He ist the first chairman of the Bundesverbandes Niedergelassener Kardiologen in Baden-Württemberg..

To support cardiologists in private practice, the BNK relies on digital network solutions from renowned medical technology manufacturers. After careful consideration, the BNK decided to offer its members the inCareNet HF platform by BIOTRONIK and GETEMED. inCareNet HF is a digital care management platform that allows medical facilities to provide guideline-compliant telemedical care to their heart failure patients and provide interdisciplinary care across different locations.

A framework contract between the BNK Service GmbH and the cooperating companies ensures BNK members special conditions for inCareNet HF use.

"We are very pleased to bring on board GETEMED and BIOTRONK, two highly experienced telemonitoring partners that will enable us to expand and improve telemedical care for heart failure patients nationwide," explains Dr. Norbert Smetak, chairman of the Bundesverband Niedergelassener Kardiologen (BNK).

"As a pioneer of implant-based telemonitoring, we are very pleased to be able to contribute our expertise to the inCareNet HF platform and to simplify and optimize collaboration between the various players in heart failure therapy," explains Roberto Belke, Managing Director Sales Germany at BIOTRONIK. "With inCareNet HF, we offer cardiologists a tool with which they can transparently display the treatment processes of heart failure patients and manage therapy in a patient-oriented manner."

inCareNet HF offers primary physicians and telemonitoring centers the possibility to structure roles, tasks and treatment measures centrally and to easily document them. The web platform can be used to record and evaluate monitoring data from patients with external measuring devices, such as tele-ECG, scales and blood pressure devices, as well as from patients with cardiac rhythm implants. Medication can also be integrated into the inCareNet HF platform in a standardized national format. This means that all important information is always in one place.

"The IN-TIME and TIM-HF 2 studies were able to show impressively how important close-knit telemonitoring is for the survival of heart failure patients. In addition, the results have also highlighted the need for reliable monitoring technologies and structured and guideline-compliant monitoring and treatment procedures. With inCareNet HF, we have succeeded in reconciling all of these requirements and transferring the important study findings into healthcare practice," Michael Scherf, CEO of GETEMED, summarizes.


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