Study on COVID-19

4. Mai 2021

At the center for cardiovascular telemedicine at the Berlin Charité, GETEMED telemedicine products are helping to examine the long-term physical consequences of COVID-19.

In February, the Telemed5000-COVID-19 study was launched in which recovering patients are monitored telemedically after an inpatient stay through regular measurements of vital data.

In the twelve months following their discharge from the hospital, the study aims to determine whether daily measurements show a worsening of existing diseases, secondary diseases or acute emergencies. It is still unclear what long-term physical damage or complications a COVID-19 infection ("Long-COVID") can cause.

Patients participating in this study receive vital function measuring devices to borrow which are used to measure weight, blood pressure, oxygen saturation and ECG, as well as a tablet to report their daily condition and provide a voice sample. Regular recording and medical evaluation will be used to investigate whether serious deteriorations in health can be detected at an early stage and how vital signs change over the 1-year follow-up.

For more information, please click here: Telemed5000-COVID-19