Smart Recreation

Smart recreation based on applied telemedicine

Smart Performance Hotels will offer their guests the opportunity to combine a break from everyday life with effective steps to improve their work-life balance. This innovative project combines the latest technologies, including telemedical diagnostics, with a high quality hotel offer. As a guest in the hotel, you will receive a check-up and, based on vital-parameter measurement and performance diagnostics, a personal program combining relaxation, nutrition and exercise modules according to the bewango®concept. The App ensures the sustainability of the achieved improvements beyond the stay in the hotel. 

In order to realize this concept, which was developed as part of the State of Brandenburg´s competition "digital health for a better life", GETEMED is cooperating with BRAINtuning GmbH to develop both the technical infrastructure for recording and managing the data and an App for signal processing and intelligent signal management to create a sustainable improvement plan by combining the various information and states. 


BRAINtuning GmbH


For the implementation of this project, GETEMED is being funded by the Ministry for Economic and European affairs of the State of Brandenburg under its program for the promotion of research, innovation and technologies (ProFIT Brandenburg).