What is inCareNet HF?

With inCareNet HF, we offer medical facilities that want to establish telemonitoring centers based on the G-BA criteria a convincing solution based on the inSuite CareNet platform for digital collaboration.

inCareNet HF is a collaboration by:


Cross-Vendor Integration

Cross-vendor integration of telemonitoring implant data
into the Heart Failure Dashboard

Optimized Dashboard

Integration of GETEMED's external sensors (blood pressure, ECG, scale, and well-being) proven in Heart Failure Management (TIM-HF2)³ into the Heart Failure Dashboard

Interconnected collaboration

Efficient realization of the guideline thanks to digital processes, documentation, tasks, filters and interconnected collaboration in the TMZ and with primary physicians

Digital Supply Network

Digital supply network with secure, local data storage of own data on own servers


The inCareNet HF equipment set includes the PhysioGate PG 2000, a blood pressure monitor, a body scale and the PhysioMem PM 100 tele ECG event recorder. 

With the PhysioGate PG 2000, patients always have an overview of all data transmissions. The measurement data are automatically transmitted to the medical facility (telemedicine center) via a tablet. In addition, information on the daily health condition can be transmitted.

The operation of the individual devices is very simple and thus enables fast acquisition and transmission of the daily measurement data.

With the PhysioMem PM 100, patients can derive a 2-channel ECG via the electrodes on the back of the device which is automatically transmitted to their telemedicine center.

inCareNet HF makes your and your Patients's Lives easier

As a pioneer in telemedicine, BIOTRONIK has been providing continuous remote monitoring of active cardiac implants with daily transmission, 98% transmission success¹ and outstanding patient compliance² for more than 20 years with home monitoring.

GETEMED has been a partner in renowned studies and research projects in the field of telemedicine since 2003. The benefit of external sensors in the telemedical co-care of patients with chronic heart failure has been proven in various studies.³

The resolution passed by the G-BA makes it possible for the first time to provide continuous telemedical care to patients with advanced heart failure (NYHA-II / -III, EF <40%). This opens up new opportunities to further improve the quality of treatment for these patients.

In the guideline "Methods of contractual medical care: Telemonitoring in Heart Failure", the basic criteria for the operation of a telemonitoring center and for the collaboration with partners (primarily the primary physicians) in a digital network have been defined.

 In addition, the extended evaluation committee established the reimbursement regulation for telemonitoring of active cardiac implants as well as external sensors as a standard service. This means that both the service costs and the costs for the telemedical infrastructure are reimbursed.

¹ Ricci RP et al.Long-term patient acceptance of and satisfaction with implanted device remote monitoring. Europace. ² Mariani JA et al. Miniaturized implantable cardiac monitor with a long sensing vector (BIOMONITOR III): Insertion procedure assessment, sensing performance, and home monitoring transmission success. Journal of Electrocardiology 60 (2020) 118–125. ³ Köhler F et al. Efficacy of telemedical interventional management in patients with heart failure (TIM-HF2): a randomised, controlled, parallel-group, unmasked trial. The Lancet 2018. 25. August 2018. Doi: 10.1016/S0140-6736(18)31880-4

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