CardioDay® Holter ECG: Certainty in Long-QT Syndrome Diagnosis and Therapy

7 July 2023

Long QT syndrome can cause life-threatening cardiac arrhythmias. However, patients with this syndrome may have normal QT intervals on single measurements. Thus, single ECG measurement is inadequate in this case, as it captures a few minutes at most. Long-term Holter ECG recordings allow measurement of the QT interval over 24 hours, leading to higher sensitivity and specificity.

This is where CardioDay Holter ECG comes in: the software can process and pre-analyze even large amounts of data accurately and reliably. CardioDay not only provides measurement of the QT and QTc interval, but can reliably determine the QT interval at 60 BPM by measuring the QTi. Physicians are made significantly easier to evaluate ECGs, make the correct diagnosis and treat patients individually. CardioDay Holter ECG – an important step in improving patient care.

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